LGBTQ Advocacy • Social Justice

Social Justice

Dr. Kilmnick for over three decades has been a national leader and on the forefront fighting for social justice, human rights, and the development of critical programs, and health and human services for LGBT people and families. His over thirty years of bold and visionary leadership has led to founding, building, and running one of the largest LGBT health and human services and community center organizations in the nation.

His tireless and fearless advocacy has made history numerous times and has helped to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Amongst the history that Dr. Kilmnick has made includes:

  • First-ever LGBT Youth Prom in America’s Suburbs
  • First-ever Gay Parent-Teacher Student Association (PTSA)
  • First-ever Suburban LGBT Affordable Senior Housing
  • First-ever Pride Night in New York Major League Sports History
  • First-ever LGBT Long Island Chamber of Commerce

Organizing for Change

Dr Kilmnick has organized hundreds of rallies, protests, conferences, and other community organizing efforts to help build strength, confidence, empowerment, and lift the voices of tens of thousands.