A much-anticipated LGBT-friendly affordable senior housing development is taking shape in downtown Bay Shore. David Kilmnick, of the LGBT Network, said the housing development has been six years in the making and will be the first suburban LGBT-friendly affordable senior housing complex in the entire country. Kilmnick said the site, which is the location of the old LGBT Network Center, will provide its LGBT seniors residents access to services that will support their emotional physical and social needs. He added that seniors will be able to live in a safe space where they can be open, free and proud and be able to live their golden years. “This is going to be an opening like no other. Full of fun, and community and love, because that’s really what this facility represents,” Kilmnick said. “It means that I can be safe. I can be in a community with people that know me, that look like me, that act like me…for the very first time in my entire life,” said Elaine Felton, of Bay Shore, who got a sneak peek at her new home at the complex. “I am going to be in a place where people will really love and appreciate me, and that’s important. That’s everything,” she added. “When I see the joy on Elaine’s face and what it truly means to her, it brings tears to my eyes, and it really reminds us – this is why we do the work that we do,” Kilmnick said. “These seniors led the way for us and it’s time for us to make sure they have the quality of life they deserve,” he added. “This is just going to be heaven on earth. Heaven on earth,” Felton said. The LGBT seniors are expected to move in at the end of July.

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LGBT friendly affordable senior housing complex takes shape in Bay Shore