Diversity • Equity • Inclusion

DEIB Statement

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) are more than just words to me; they are a lived experience personally and professionally. As someone who is gay, I certainly have experienced what it’s like to not be supported and included in different aspects of society. My approach however has been to take action and do the hard work that will bring the necessary change and tenets of DEIB to life.

As a graduate student at Stony Brook University, I turned my Master’s Project of creating a curriculum about LGBTQ people into a 30-year-old association of nonprofit organizations that have helped to serve hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ people and have also led community organizing efforts to bring policy changes that contribute to a fairer and more equitable place in our world. My practice also includes working through the intersectionality of identities and creating programs, policies and instruction around the many forms of oppression and marginalization that exists for people of color, women, LGBTQ, immigrants, people with disabilities and other groups. The work of bringing true and full equality, equity and liberation is one that will continue throughout our lives and is also threaded through my practice, teaching and research.

DEI Training

Dr Kilmnick for more than three decades has worked with and provided training to hundreds of leading corporations, organizations, businesses, local, regional, state, and national government entities, and professional sports leagues on diversity, equity and inclusion for LGBT people.
David Kilmnick’s expertise in diversity equity and inclusion (DEI), nonprofit management, higher education, public and media relations, distance and online learning and strategic planning is highly sought after. He can help your organization and institution meet its DEI initiatives and goals. Contact David to discuss advancing DEI.