About Dr. Kilmnick

David Kilmnick, PhD, MSW is a leading national advocate within the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities and is the founder and President/CEO of the New York LGBT Network. Over the last 30 years, David has worked tirelessly to end homophobia and transphobia by building successful non-profit organizations that support and advocate for the LGBT communities in Long Island and New York City. As a national voice on LGBT issues and at the request of President Obama’s administration, David served as keynote speaker on behalf of the US Embassy in New Zealand at its national LGBT Conference.

David regularly meets with government officials, community leaders and business and education executives to discuss the latest issues and concerns affecting those in the LGBT community. He frequently appears on major news outlets to be a voice for suburban and underserved LGBT communities discussing a wide range of equity, social, advocacy and policy issues. Adding to David’s extensive media experience he also works with several leading corporations and professional sports leagues nationwide to train executives on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Complimenting his innovative and groundbreaking work in the LGBT community, David is a seasoned educator with over 25 years of teaching experience. David has been on the forefront of distance and online education and has more than 18 years of expertise and practice in online teaching, learning management systems, and course and curricula development.

He is currently an Assistant Professor of Instruction and Chair of the Online Master of Social Work (MSW) Program at the University of South Florida (USF). Prior to USF, he was the Distance Education Director for the MSW program at the University of Northern Iowa and has served as a professor at several colleges and universities, teaching in schools of Social Work, Nonprofit Management and Public Policy and Administration. He received his Ph.D. from the Graduate Center at the City University of New York in Social Welfare, where his dissertation focused on heterosexist attitudes and changes following contact with an openly gay instructor.


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Bachelors of Fine Arts in Public Relations (BFA)

Stony Brook

Master of Social Welfare (MSW)

CUNY Graduate Center

Doctor of Philosophy in Social Welfare (PhD)

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